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CIM is pleased to introduce its new MAXIMALER DYNAMIC, a user-friendly automatic card-enveloping system, designed to maximize efficiency. The new MAXIMAILER DYNAMIC emerges as a natural evolution of the MAXIMAILER PLUS HPi, completing CIM's products portfolio. This advanced automated solution works along with CIM card-affixing systems CAM-3030 and CAM-8080, meeting almost 100% of card-mailing application, no matter its complexity.

The new MAXIMAILER DYNAMIC houses improved mechanics and electronics, including an upgraded Inserting-Head Module, as well as enhanced operative features. The renewed Inserting-Head Module is significantly more reliable and fulfills a trustworthy operation with outstanding outcome.
The system is very flexible and can be used in a wide variety of card applications. Easy-to-use and intuitive, the system can handle both envelope formats, C5 and C6, and allows the insertion of brochures in a range of thickness and dimensions. It is also easy to create and set up new jobs by using the provided 22" touch-screen color-monitor and guided-job interface. Mechanical parameters are set up upon a job-base, and unlimited number of jobs can be saved in memory, reducing new-jobs setup time while increasing productivity.

The MAXIMAILER DYNAMIC is an expandable and resourceful solution. New modules can be on-site added when necessary, becoming the optimal solution for all card mailing and card fulfillment needs. Regardless the type of card (gift, banking, credit, debit, ID, electronic passport, or driver’s license), CIM card-mailing solutions make it much easier, faster, and reliable, when mailing cards (personalized or not) to its cardholders.