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The CIM MDM Series now allow the use of up 3 different fonts on the same tag


The ever growing need for robust tag marking solutions that can mark various types of data on metal tags has prompted the development of a new firmware for the MDM series. The new firmware enables the simultaneous use of 3 different fonts to visually differentiate the data that is marked on the tag.
The new setup menu allows the selection of fonts that are then downloaded to the machine using the SWORD software. Up to 9 fonts can be downloaded, and up to 3 different fonts can be used at the same time when marking an industrial metal tag.
The MDM Series is a METAL TAG MARKING SOLUTION that uses dot peen technology to generate the mark on the tag. Through a series of micro-incisions, a sequence of dots is created to form the outline of a letter, number or graphics. The MDM technology is a cost effective solution compared to laser or traditional engraving. The dot peen technology enables the reproduction of text in true Windows fonts and even simple graphics.
The MDM 2D Data Matrix version incorporates software that creates a 2D Data Matrix barcode. The 2D Data Matrix barcode contains a large amount of data in a relatively small amount of space and offers unmatched error correction and reliability. The MDM 2000 tag marking solution offers great flexibility, a permanent mark on metal tags that can withstand years of exposure to harsh environments.