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Discover our new ME 500 CR80 specifically designed to manage plates with CR80 size

CIM is pleased to announce the launch of ME 500 CR80 specifically designed to manage metal plates with dimension 85.7x53.9 mm, better known as CR80 standard.

ME 500 CR80 has been designed for the identification and traceability of components and production lines and is suitable for any work environment, even the most difficult.

ME 500 CR80 is easy to transport and does not require packaging. ME 500 CR80 is ideal for permanent marking of stainless steel and aluminum plates and is suitable for operating in harsh industrial environments. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated CPU with Linux operating system that allows the processing of the plates without the use of an external PC. The user-friendly communication interface and the innovative LCD display ensure operation in any environment.

ME 500 series is widely used in various industrial sectors, especially in components for the automotive sector and for the industrial sector in general, in shipyards, steel plants, logistics and much more, wherever it is necessary to identify or trace a component or product.