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The Effective Use of Technology in an Essential Industry

In today’s highly digitalized world, every sector and industry relies on the use of the internet to assist, communicate, troubleshoot and most importantly operate efficiently.
The world has reached a point of no turning back; the internet is here to stay. Like with anything, there are pros and cons, some of which can drastically change the way we do things. The threats that technology poses if used in the wrong way by the wrong individuals can be devastating for people, businesses and the environment. An invisible enemy has been looming and striking hard in recent times: Cyberterrorism.

This major issue is addressed by the world’s best research firms who have painted a map of the current situation regarding cybersecurity. Symantec Corp has conducted a study which indicates that cyber-terrorism is one of the highest threats to the oil industry, creating vulnerability for oil and gas infrastructures worldwide. According to Ponemon’s survey of over 250 businesses, the cost of cyber crimes amount to $13.2 million a year.

Another major researcher in this field, ABI Research estimates that oil and gas infrastructure cybersecurity spending on a global stage can reach $1.9 billion by the year 2018.
Energy companies along with any major enterprise, strive for the total protection of their sensitive data.

Unfortunately, hackers can penetrate a company’s digital space and damage physical spaces by hacking into power stations and oil rigs. In a world that is more and more automated and digitized, the risk is even higher.
Oil companies have always prioritized physical security by installing electric fencing, cameras and guards in every facility regardless of the territory: offshore, field, headquarters etc.

CIM has long lasting relationships with the largest names in the oil industry and has partnered with many businesses that manufacture equipment for the oil and gas industry by providing products that aide in asset tracking, product ID and security to increase control in every step and sector of this industry.

CIM industrial marking machines and asset tags are utilized to mark serial numbers, product types and sizes; the ideal application for valve tagging, pipeline tagging, pump tagging, intake line tagging, motor tags, tags for gas separators, as well as tags for various components such as fuel tanks, engine generators, mud pits, mud pumps, various storage and housing units, electric control houses and more.
Even in the harshest environment or during a crisis, CIM products will always provide the information needed to solve major issues that can ultimately affect Eco Systems and lives.

CIM believes that technology is intended as a positive factor embedded in the functions of our everyday lives and should be integrated to help businesses implement the fastest and most logical solutions to problems.
We are a company that will continue to provide products and solutions that have at its core the highest interest for the ultimate well being of human lives, the protection of valuable assets, growth of the economy and the security of our environment.

Ideal products for this solution are the MDM1000/MDM2000 and the ME1000S/ME2000S metal embossing machines.