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CIM is pleased to introduce DATA SECURITY, a new feature that can be integrated with the Combi 300

For anyone issuing credit cards, whether a financial institution or a service bureau, it is a requirement that sensitive data be safeguarded and protected to insure proper protection from fraudulent activities.

A security violation could result in very negative consequences which can affect relationships with customers and jeopardize the reputation of the card issuer, and thus it is important that policies regarding the management of sensitive data are efficient.

CIM has developed a new data feature: DATA SECURITY for the Maxima Combi 300 Flexi. Financial institutions and service bureaus who have chosen to trust CIM now have a new tool that is complete and compliant with PCI CP (Payment Card Industry Card Protection) protocol, which meets the high security standards required by this protocol.

The Combi Flexi assures maximum protection in the transmission and storage of data with the DATA SECURITY feature elected.

Instant Card Software includes:

1. Blurring of data on PC screen: When data is not being used, blurring filters hide the information, so that the data cannot be read.
2. Acquisition of data from a Database. Data acquisition through encrypted mode. Data is managed with keys.

The DATA SECURITY feature operates at a Middleware level and guarantees full range protection of data.

3. Data transmission between PC and the machine. Data transmission happens in encrypted mode through cryptography (AES256K). Data such as pan, CVV2, expiration date, etc. Is blurred so to impede acquisition attempts or illicit saving.
4. Management of security keys. Secure memorization and management of keys to exclude copies and fraudulent alterations.


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