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New Financial Card Instant Issuance Solution - Combi 300 Flexi Tower

CIM introduces the Combi 300 Flexi Tower, a compact two-level layout version of the proven COMBI 300 Flexi financial card instant issuance solution

 combi 300 flexi tower - small

CIM is happy to announce our new financial card instant issuance solution that combines printing, embossing and encoding, and allows you to use a card printer of your choice!

The Combi 300 Flexi is a unique and innovative all-in-one solution for financial card instant issuance, and the only solution on the market with an open operating system that enables you to integrate the embossing station with a card printer of your choice, being compatible with both direct-to-card and retransfer printers. It is also now offered with up to 6 dedicated card input hoppers for easy management of different card types.

The Combi 300 Flexi is now available in two versions, Inline and Tower, and consists of an embossing and indenting module that can be configured with several wheel sizes, which can emboss language specific, secure financial card characters, and is equipped with tipper modules to seamlesslycomplete the financial card personalization process.

The compact Combi 300 Flexi solutions offer your customers the convenience of instantly issued cards in your branches or stores. By putting a ready-to-use card directly in your customer’s hands, you will visibly improve the usage and the activation rates of your cards.