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Tire manufacturers choose CIM’s metal embossing machines

Being able to track and identify products and components is extremely important for planning maintenance, managing malfunctions, allowing assemblies, ensuring safety and more. An example that perhaps many do not know is that of aircraft tires. Did you know that in six out of seven cases an aircraft touches the ground with retreaded tires? The tires, even if retreaded, are safe and an aircraft tire is retreaded on average 6 times.

To ensure the high safety standards required by the very strict air flight regulations, metal plates come into play, as necessary tools to allow the identification and proper maintenance of tires. During the tire coating process, a previously embossed metal plate with an identification number is placed on the hot rubber and the identification number is transferred to the tire. In this way the tire will be easily identifiable and traceable at any time to guarantee proper maintenance.

Correct management of regenerated tires allows airlines considerable savings, considering that their cost is the third most important item of expenditure (after personnel and fuel). Further savings can be identified in the lower consumption of raw materials such as oil and in the lower environmental impact.

Some of the major manufacturers of aircraft tires have chosen to rely on CIM solutions for the embossing of the plates used in the regeneration process of aircraft tires. In particular, the ME1000S and ME2000S embossing machines are extremely used thanks to their robustness and their ability to be integrated into any company network according to industry 4.0 criteria.