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US military dog tag found in the UK intact and readable after more than 70 years

Dog tag is a colloquial and common term for the identification tag worn by military personnel. Considering that United States has more than 1 million active military members, it should not be a surprise accounting thousands of lost dog tags. US military dog tags have been found lost, either locally or overseas. Recently, the BBC reported a story of a military dog tag found in Leicestershire, England, given back to its owner's family in 2020, after 70 years of having served the US Air Force back in 1950.

We can share great stories like this one, telling how lost dog tags found their way back home. This is possible because of tag's resistance and durability. Metal tags and plates are resistant to environmental agents and corrosion. In addition, embossed or indented characters are practically impossible to erase when marked on the plate.

Marked metal tags and plates can last readable for decades, even exposed to the harshest conditions, being highly appreciated, and selected not only for military applications, but to meet highly demanding industrial requirements for components/equipment identification, traceability and serialization.

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