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MultiCard & InstantCard new release: new features to enhance your card personalization experience

CIM is pleased to announce the new release of MULTICARD and INSTANTCARD, two applications dedicated to card personalization on the Pro Series and Maxima series. Both are packed with new features that will enhance and facilitate your card personalization experience.


What's new?

 Data search and record tracking made easy
Searching data and tracing records has become easier and faster. A new function allows you to easily track records and information by just knowing one piece of information within the record that will allow you to search the entire library or a subset of records.

Subdivision of production data.
Production data can be subdivided into correctly processed cards and cards that must be redone. Cards that need to be redone can be easily segregated and reproduced correctly

Group Policy common between Windows and CIM software with Active Directory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A common Group Policy structure between Windows and MULTICARD is now possible with the integration of Microsoft Active Directory technology. The policies attributed by the System Administrator to the User can now be shared by the MULTICARD platform, such as authentication during program start-up.

New production file editing function
It is now possible for administrators to make changes to the production file, to add, remove or modify data contained therein. Previously it was necessary to edit the file and reload it again.

Management of multiple solutions in line with one software, by just using one USB key (Pro Series only)
The new application requires the use of a single USB key, even if multiple Pro Series units are connected in-line. Previously Multicard required the installation of a USB key containing Multicard on each machine in line, while now only one key is needed to manage the entire line. The same USB key can manage just one stand-alone machine.

Optimization of error handling in card and carrier data matching (Pro Series only for CAM3030 and CAM8080)
If there is a mismatch between card data and carrier data, it is now possible to exclude the problem data and continue processing with the next card without having to interrupt the entire production process.

Up to 8 cards on the card carrier. (Pro Series only for CAM3030 and CAM8080)
It is now possible to configure up to 8 cards on a carrier. Previously the maximum number of cards were 2.