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BChainLOGmanager: manage your log tacking advantage of the modern blockchain technology

BChainLOGmanager is an all-in-one software solution for event logging that manages your logs from the acquisition to the security audit and analysis. Each event logged is stored into a blockchain, a special data structure that takes advantage of cryptography and other security mechanisms to ensure data integrity and prevent frauds and tampering of your event-ledge. With LogManager your data are obfuscated by a secure encryption algorithm and decrypted on demand for your log consultation.

BChainLOGmanager provides an easy-to-use visual application that browse the data stored into your blockchain in a simple database-like graphical interface. You can firstly check the integrity of your data with a built-in blockchain verification service and then start your analysis applying custom filters to your records; finally you can save your selections in a standard data format.

Each operative system that supports Java can run our software (Windows, Apple MacOS and most of the Linux main distributions).

BChainLOGmanager is a software solution composed by different stand-alone runnable programs that operate together to offer the best logging service from the acquisition and storage of the logs to the their visualization and analysis. You can also integrate our solution with your own production software thanks to the easy-to-use XML-RPC interface.