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No more production stops with EASEOFCARE service for ML2000 laser marking systems.

In order to provide an increasingly targeted and punctual service to its customers, CIM announces that the new EASEOFCARE Service Program created for ML2000 laser marking systems owners is now available.

Will you ever have to send your equipment for repair and be forced to stop production for long periods, with negative consequences from a production standpoint and delivery time? If the answer is yes, buying ML2000 laser marking system with EASEOFCARE Service Program will safeguard you so that it does not happen again.
Thanks to the EASEOFCARE Service Program, the ML2000 Laser station will no longer have significant downtime.

By signing-up for EASEOFCARE Service Program, if the laser station fails you will receive a replacement laser station. A device in temporary use that will allow you to continue working, except for the time strictly necessary for receiving the replacement station. The station will remain at your disposal throughout the entire period of repair. The downtime will be very short and the production process will not suffer significant delays.

The EASEOFCARE Service Program, in addition to minimizing machine downtime, also includes the totality of the repair costs and the costs of sending and returning the replacement station.

Let's take a detailed look at all the advantages offered by the EASEOFCARE Service Program:

1. shipment of a courtesy station within 2/3 working days from the date of notification of the fault. The replacement unit will be equivalent to the one to be repaired, it will therefore have the same functional characteristics.

2. free remote support to identify / resolve any issues.

3. repair and return of the damaged station within 15 working days of receiving it.

4. coverage of the following issue: normal wear, component failure and accidental damage to the machine.

5. completely free transport costs.

The service can only be activated at the time of the order and is valid for a period of 3 years.