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CIM embosser to personalize an important ID: U.S Military Dog Tags

There are a lot of rules and stipulations when it comes to the U.S military. One of those that has been mandatory since 1913 is the use of identification tags. Nicknamed “dog tags”, during World War II these tags became an important accessory for the military. These tags allowed soldiers to be identified during war, allowing family to be notified of any deaths and proper burials to be conducted. You can probably remember a scene from a war movie: soldiers along Normandy Beach carrying their fellow comrade with military dog tags around their necks. It’s not a pleasant scene, but its history and its importance have persevered through the years.

How are US military dog tags made?

Since dog tags are worn on soldiers who are active duty, it’s important that they are made to last. That is why these dog tags are made of stainless steel. Basically, we’ve chosen something that contains chromium and nickel in order to resist corrosion.

What information does the dog tag contain?

The military dog tag is not a huge piece of jewelry. You have to limit the information of a soldier to four lines. So, what goes on a tag? The type of information has changed since WWII. Today, they include vital information about the soldier on duty. The tag includes the name, Social Security number, blood type, and religious preference.

CIM is proud to be a manufacturer of U.S Military and U.S Government entities, so we make sure that our machines are the best for the job. The CIM embossers machines are compact, high-speed metal tag embosser. They are built on durable and proven technology especially for the requirement of the U.S Military.

Who has to wear them?

Though dog tags are most popularly known to be worn by the army, other branches of the military wear them too. Since this is the only form of identification while they're on duty, it makes sense to have them available for everyone. The U.S Marines wear dog tags, but they are usually worn in the laces of their left boot and another around their neck, under their skivvy shirt. Navy Seals and Air Force are also required to wear a dog tag.