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POWERTAG software: new features for Dot Pin range marking machine

CIM’s POWERTAG software is designed for the Metal Plate System line and is now released with new features to manage the MDM (Metal Dot Matrix) dot peen range of marking machines.
The new features allow the user to print tags using Microsoft Windows true type fonts in variable sizes and to store more fonts in the machine memory. The user can also associate two logos and three different fonts in the same job for added versatility.

The new features will be available in both versions of the software. POWERTAG Lite, bundled with all machines and POWERTAG Evo, which is available as an option at a cost.

How to handle TRUE TYPE FONTS

POWERTAG allows the operator to manage a variable number of fonts, usually 5-6 different fonts depending on the file size and space taken up in the machine memory.
From the Settings menu, you can select "Set Font & Logo", the window that opens will allow you to create fonts and then send them to the machine (Font & Logo.jpg).

POWERTAG allows you to import any font present in the Microsoft library available on your PC onto the machine. Dimensions and features such as bold will need to be set, then the file is generated and named automatically with font features, such as Arial_10_Bold_.cdm.
After you create and save the file, you can transfer the file to the machine. The number of fonts that can be saved on the machine's memory is variable, as it depends on the size of the file, usually the machine has the capability to store up to 5 or 6 files.
Up to three different fonts can be associated with each job, this is done by assigning a font ID (see figure differentFont.jpg) which will allow you to recall the fonts if needed. It is also possible to rotate the fields.

How to Manage LOGOS

Using the same process as described above, you can also create logos from bitmap files and transfer them to the MDM unit, you can store up to two logos on the machine at the same time. The printing is handled in the machine setup in the Print Configuration screen.