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How to effectively troubleshoot and resolve technical issues on CIM machines in the field

The CIM machine population in the field continues to grow at a steady rate. This has resulted in an increase in the inbound call volume to our technical support staff who receives requests for assistance with hardware troubleshooting, part number identification, software support etc. from many CIM customers throughout the day.

Some inbound calls may be concluded in a matter of minutes while other calls may take much longer depending on the nature of the issue and the amount of troubleshooting involved. We understand your time is valuable and even more so when you or your technician is onsite attempting to resolve a customer issue in a timely manner.

In order to help expedite this process for you, and for our technicians to get back to you with the information and tools you need to resolve your issues, we are asking for your technicians to follow the procedures outlined below if at all possible.

Steps that need to be taken before requesting support by a CIM technician:

1. Locate the operator manual that is supplied with every machine shipped from CIM. The manual is loaded onto the red USB pen drive which is inside the red accessories bag supplied with the machine
2. If an error code is present on the machine, cross reference the error code with the operator manual. If on the computer, please also note the error on the LCD screen of the machine
3. Observe what the machine is doing OR not doing to cause the error condition
4. Identify the exact machine model, locate and take note of the serial number on the machine (usually located on the back panel of the unit)

You may provide the above information to CIM by completing a webform using this link CIM USA Tech Support Request, or by sending an email to, or by calling CIM’s main line at 305-639-3040. A live person will be collecting the information from you, and relaying it to the CIM technical staff without delay.

Our technical team will be supporting you via email using pictures, links, troubleshooting and testing instructions. If required, we will set up a time for a phone call when the service technician is on-site and in front of the CIM machine that needs to be worked on.

All inbound calls will be answered 24/7/365, whereas responses by a CIM technician are available Monday to Friday during normal business hours, Eastern Standard Time.

We appreciate your continued support.

The CIM USA Team


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