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Embossed Metal plates, for steel rebar bundles identification

Those who work in the metal transformation and processing sector need to monitor and trace products at all stages of the supply chain: from the production process to storage, sometimes even for long periods, in construction sites or distribution warehouses.
In particular, steel rebar, after being produced, are cut to size according to the customer's needs and fixed in bundles, and labeled. After labeling, the bundles are stored ready for sale. It is therefore essential to label the bundles with strong and durable supports, so that they can be quickly traced even after some time. For this reason, many choose metal plates, strong and durable, they can be embossed with all the data necessary for traceability.

The possibility to use also 2D Data Matrix codes makes the data reading operations even faster, thanks also to the wide range of proximity readers.
Some of the largest manufacturers in the industry have chosen to rely on CIM solutions. In particular, the ME1000S and ME2000S metal plate embossing machines are widely used thanks to their robustness and ability to handle high volumes of plates. The machines are available with embossed or engraved characters and can be integrated into any company network according to Industry 4.0 criteria.

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