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Marking on metal plates: how to choose the technology that best fits your needs?

Embossing and Metal Marking Machines are incredibly useful tools across industries. What these machines do and how they can be of service to so many isn’t exactly obvious. Our customers who purchase laser, embossing, indent, and dot peen machines vary from the military to large manufacturing companies, to power plants, to small local businesses and much more. The size of a company doesn’t matter, even small businesses can benefit from product/component identification and traceability using metal tags.

What are the available technologies for marking on metal plates?

Embossing: The lettering is raised, depending upon your specific needs. These machines use something called punch and dies, which are corresponding male and female pieces of the embossing machine that produce the raised alphanumeric character (like a typewriter). Indenting is the opposite of embossing. Using pressure, a number or text is indented into the metal material, creating a depressed effect.


Laser Marking:
Laser marking is an advanced technology that utilizes a laser beam to mark the surface of a metal plate, thereby creating letters, numbers, or designs. This process provides permanent and high-precision marking on a wide range of metallic materials, ensuring great versatility in reproducing texts, logos, and images.


Dot Peen Marking:
This process uses a stylus pin to mark a metal plate using a series of dots to form all kinds of readable elements including numbers, logos, images and 2D Data Matrix codes.


How to choose the most suitable solution for your needs

Type of Marking: The type of marking to apply on the metal plate, is an essential aspect in choosing a suitable marking machine. Marking of codes, alphanumeric characters, images, and texts, among other data, may be required, so it will be necessary to define the best technology to satisfy the marking need.

Marking Speed: The speed of the marking method is crucial, especially for bulk marking tasks. Automatic marking machines typically offer faster and more economical marking compared to manual methods. Considering the volume of metal marking required, the efficiency of the chosen equipment becomes paramount.

Cost: Different metal marking equipment comes with varying costs depending on their marking effect on your metal. Before deciding, it's crucial to assess your budget and the type of marking you need.

Whether you're seeking to enhance product identification, or improve traceability, our comprehensive range of metal marking systems is poised to meet your needs. Contact us for all your plate embossing needs, no matter what kind of business you’re running.