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All-in-one software solution


BChainLOGmanager is an all-in-one software solution for event logging that manages your logs from the acquisition to the security audit and analysis. Each event logged is stored into a blockchain, a special data structure that takes advantage of cryptography and other security mechanisms to ensure data integrity and prevent fraud and tampering of your event-ledge.

What are log files and why is it important to manage them properly?
Log files contain information, recorded in chronological order, about the event that occur during production activities of an hardware or software system. The recorded activities generate a record of the operations performed by the machines and the software, facilitating the reconstruction of the entire production process and the identification of any anomalies or break down. The information they contain is extremely important, therefore, it is essential to arrange proper management of log files in order to preserve their integrity and deny access to data to unauthorized users.

Why use BChainLogManager for log management?
CIM offers BChainLogManager, a software package that allows you to acquire and record in real time the information relating to each type of event and to perform an analysis on the progress of production processes through the consultation of a special log file, kept safe by means of the innovative blockchain technology.

What are the security benefits offered by the Blockchain technology?
Each record is recorded on a special data structure (blockchain), which allows to obscure the information contained by means of encryption mechanisms, and makes it impossible for a malicious user to alter it, ensuring the traceability of each possible tampering or improper use.
To ensure a high level of security, BChainLogManager uses cryptographic algorithms recognized as secure by the PCI-SSC (Payment Card Industry - Security Standard Council) and complies with the requirements of the PCI-DSS protocol (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard).
The main functionality of BChainLogManager is to obscure and preserve the content of each record throughout its life cycle, from acquisition to saving, so as to make the software compliant for issuing financial cards in certified production environments.

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