CIM's EMV Experience and History


30+ Years Experience

CIM has been in the card personalization business for over 30 years. We have thousands of instant issuance installations world-wide. Our systems are deployed in the financial, insurance, healthcare and services segments. We have participated in EMV migration all over the world and our systems are personalizing EMV cards in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and even in the US.

As manufacturers of solutions for the global payment industry we continue to pride ourselves on innovation, reliability, affordability and customer service.

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What does CIM do?

What exactly do we do? CIM manufactures the hardware side of financial card solutions. What is hardware? Hardware is the physical machine that personalizes the card. What does that mean? That depends on exactly what you need, but our machines have the ability to take a blank white card, and personalize it so that, when software is integrated, a complete, the outcome is an operational payment card. Personalization includes color printing, embossing, encode a magnetic stripe and a smart chip, and adding tipping and indent to the card. Our solutions are offered in several different combinations to fulfill specific needs.

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What About Software?

What about software? Software is a necessary component of a complete operational payment card. What does software do? Software is the other part to this process that allows the behind the scenes functions to take place. Such as link the card to your bank account, protect it against fraud, etc. When the hardware is integrated with the software, the payment card is ready for use. We have partnered with several excellent EMV software providers that integrate with our machines - allowing US to offer YOU a complete, end-to-end, solution for personalization of EMV cards at the branch level! Our EMV solutions are typically lower cost and more flexible (open) than other solutions available in the market place.