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Laser Marking Systems are commonly used for part identification and product traceability information such as serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrix barcodes, QR codes, 1D barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics and logos.

The ML2000 is designed for efficient marking on steel tags, aluminum tags, anodized aluminum tags and more. The fiber based optical design and rugged mechanical design allows the ML2000 to operate in harsh industrial environments with maximum uptime. The compact footprint of the ML2000 makes it easy to integrate into a variety of industrial applications. The energy efficient integrated air-cooling and proven laser design insures low maintenance and ongoing service costs.

The ML2000 is a fully AUTOMATIC system and is equipped with an adjustable tag input hopper which holds up to 250 blank tags. The blank tags are automatically moved from the hopper area to the laser marking module. Once laser marking is completed, the tags are placed in an internal FIFO stacker or unloaded using the side eject option.

The ML2000 is a compact, fast and secure solution that is suitable for any manufacturing environment. If offers a level of automation that will help save time, money and energy.

Two versions available:

The ML2000 20 Watt is a comprehensive tag laser marking solution with a fully adjustable laser power and frequency band. Suitable for all metals from soft aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper and brass to steel.

The new scanhead incorporates a programmable visual indicator for immediate and effective visible feedback directly on the marking area.

The new laser marker allow you to adjust the power in the engraving phase in order to obtain different shades of gray.

The totally new embedded controller is now offering improved computing performances, built-in SLO (Safety Laser Off), cost-effective native communication protocols (TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Profinet), and quiet operations down to 65 dB.

The ML2000 6 Watt recommended for soft metals aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper and brass.




 EASEOFCARE Service Program Provide life-cycle support to ensure that the laser station is always operating at high performance




Used by

Manufacturers of:
Automotive components
Fire doors

Ideal for

Inventory tags
Asset control tags
Work in progress tags
Serial number tags
Interior signage
Directional signs



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