Metal Tag Marker 500



To satisfy a growing market need, CIM is introducing the MTM500, a dedicated solution designed to mark on easy entry marker plates and tags.

The MTM500 is a compact solution designed to offer a permanent identification solution to marking needs in the field or on a job site.

The MTM500 is equipped with a durable embossing system that insures high quality marking; the drum and characters are for the life of the machine. The embossing unit creates crisp characters in relief on stainless steel and aluminum marker plates. The MTM500 features a 60-character drum which supports a variety of character sizes.

The MTM500 is equipped with an easy-to-load hopper that contains up to 200 blank marker plates. The unit incorporates an adjustable marker plate loader which can adapt to different marker plate sizes based on application requirements. Once the plates have been marked they are unloaded in the external collection tray for easy access and removal.

This system is bundled with CIM’s QuickMark software, which is easy to install and operate for new as well as experienced users. The software features a preview function that allows the user to see the final marking result on the marker plate.

The MTM500 is ideal for small to medium production volumes.


 MTM500 – Direct Metal Marker Plate or Tag Compatibility

  • Panduit MMP350
  • Panduit MMP350H



QuickMark Software




Used by

- Utility and Power Companies
- Shipyards
- Aircraft overhaul facilities
- Mining operations
- Industrial Manufacturers



Ideal for

Pipe Identification
- Water treatment facilities
- Chemical plants
- Industrial facilities
- Refineries

Cable Identification
- Oil rigs
- Submarines
- Mining
- Cell towers
- Ships & boats
- Aircrafts
- Manufacturing facilities
- Marine environments



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