Metal Embosser 2000 Vision System


The ME2000 VS is the trusted solution for image capturing of any single line plate data. This machine embosses a metal tag or plate, and the visual inspection and verification system takes an actual photograph of each plate and verifies it against a corresponding data record.

Designed for use by various manufacturing companies that require a combination of verification and accuracy of data, and a durable identification tag that will withstand any environment.

The ME2000 VS is the ideal solution when:
• Accuracy of data on the plate is critical
• Incorrectly embossed data impacts liability
• Embossed data matching is required
• TQM (ISO9000) is implemented company wide
• Production statistics are gathered in real-time for efficiency management
• Plate images must be archived


Used by

machinery and equipment manufacturers

Ideal for

Error- proofing and instant data verification
TQM – production statistics
Audit – store image of plates produced
Component Liability Management – post sale verification

embossed vin tag    embossed single cable tag