Industry Specific Solutions


Embossing is the recommended method for marking information on a metal plate or tag in harsh environments.
Unlike other marking methods (engraving, printing, etc.), information that is embossed on a metal tag will remain on the metal tag FOREVER - despite weather, corrosion, painting, sandblasting, and even physical damage to the tag.

We provide solutions for long lasting, durable part marking, tagging and identification needs for various industries.

CIM embossing machines are true work horses - built for longevity, for use directly in the field, and for high-volume output if needed.

Our solutions range from manual, low-volume to fully automatic, high-volume:

We also offer cost-effective, durable solutions for automatic data collection and management, by way of an embossed 2D matrix code. 2D matrix barcodes can hold up to 64 characters and can be read by a hand-held 2D barcode reader
embossed text with 2D data matrix barcode

The following units will mark a 2D data matrix code on a metal plate or tag:

Used by

power plants
oil refineries
utility companies
chemical plants
industrial manufacturing plants

Ideal for

product ID
inventory control
facility tagging
asset ID

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