Custom Dog Tag Machines


The MDT500 HE is a fully automatic, portable dog tag machine. Easily type the characters to be embossed on the dog tag with the built-in keyboard, or to make
multiple tags at once, simply connect to it a spreadsheet.

Make your dog tag machine stand out with a custom wrap!
We'll provide you with the template to create the artwork and you create a design specific to your brand and needs.
Perfect for brand awareness and retention!

Dog tags were originally worn by soldiers as ID tags. When the military chic fashion trend swept the world, dog tags quickly became a must-have fashion accessory. Now military-style dog tags are in high demand among celebrities and young people looking to make a statement.
The military-style dog tag trend is becoming so popular because of the personalization aspect - it appeals to many individuals, usually that certain style-conscious crowd looking for a hip way to show their individualism through fashion. Personalized military-style dog tags are an expression of one's self and can be made to reflect that.

Used by

With X=Tag dog tag machines, dog tags can be easily personalized for the ideal addition to any party or event planner’s toolkit! They are a fresh, new idea for ID tags at conferences and can be personalized on the spot or ahead of time at corporate events, parties, and sports events.

Ideal for

Creating personalized dog tags at:

  • Retail venues and specialty stores
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate events
  • Parties
  • Sporting events


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