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Every credit and debit card in the United States will soon be replaced by a new card containing a smart chip embedded in the left side of the card. These cards are known as smart cards or chip cards. Although a magnetic stripe will remain on the back of the card and will still be functional for some time, it will be phased out in the near future until only the chip is used at a point of sale terminal. As shown in the image below, instead of consumers swiping their cards at the point of sale, they will now insert their card into a payment terminal and the information in the chip will be read and the payment will be securely processed.

It's been many years since a payment transition of this magnitude took place in the U.S. and for some it can seem daunting. CIM is here to help you with this.

CIM has been manufacturing machines to encode smart cards for several years, and has deployed several units in countries throughout the world that have already migrated to EMV payment card technology. Our machines are complete solutions - including embossing, indent, tipping, thermal printing, mag stripe encoding, and contact and contactless smart card encoding.

It's important to start initiating this transition now as Visa and MasterCard have already put certain benchmarks in place, with the first major date being April of 2013.

Here are a few things to help you get started in the process:

White Paper:
A Comprehensive Look at the U.S. Migration to EMV Payment Card Technology

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Training and Consulting Services:
CIM can provide your organization with specialized EMV training and consulting to get your organization up to speed and on its way to issuing EMV cards within the current timeframes. Please contact us to discuss further


EMV Coming to Your Wallet - Infographic - plastic card
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